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SKF's New Rolling Bearings in Paper Machines Handbook Is a Must Have

Posted by Angela Morrow
Angela Morrow
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skf-rolling-bearings-500x500The lubrication industry is constantly evolving as new inventions are being created and new scientific findings are brought to the forefront. One constant topic of discussion is rolling bearings. Everything about them from the way they operate, maintenance, and equations are reviewed. There have been new ways to calculate bearing life and it can be overwhelming to think about without the proper guidance. SKF recognizes this dilemma and has streamlined the education process for you. 

SKF has recently released their fifth edition of their Rolling Bearings in Paper Machines Handbook. This edition includes updated information on bearings as well as recommendations. 

There's been significant changes from the previous edition, including a deeper focus on issues of interest to mill staff, maximum water recommendations, information on the SensorMount method for mounting bearings with tapered bores, an in-depth look into areas of the machine, and an equation for reeler bearing load calculations. 

This comprehensive rolling bearings guide delves into the history of lubrication dating back to ancient Egypt. It also discusses the makeup of modern paper production machines along with the different types of maintenance that can be performed. The handbook also analyzes the pros and cons of of the four types of maintenance which are; preventative, scheduled, proactive, and corrective. Rolling bearing second

The experts at SKF have taken their time to give updated recommendations according to the new technology that was made available after their previous release. They provide tips on cleanliness control and how to check oil condition. All of their recommendations come with increased profitability in mind. 

The Rolling Bearings in Paper Machines Handbook is a great document for maintenance staff to have on hand should they have any questions regarding the topic. It's important to stay up to date with industry trends and with this handbook, you will be. 

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