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Single Point Lubricator

Single-point lubricators are designed to automatically supply a small quantity of clean grease or oil to a lubrication point on a regular basis, thus improving bearing performance. Key benefits of using a single-point lubrication system are improved employee safety, increased machine reliability and optimized maintenance operations.

Single-point lubricators are suitable for a variety of applications but often are used on pumps, electric motors, fans, blowers, conveyors and chains. They can be adjusted to make sure that the correct quantity of lubricant is delivered to the lubrication point during a predetermined period of time. This provides a more accurate control of the amount of lubricant supplied when compared to traditional manual lubrication techniques. For an optimum flexibility according to application conditions, three series are available.

Most suitable for points involving: 

  • Frequent relubrication demand which is time and labor consuming 
  • Machine shutdown required for relubrication
  • Safety implications due to difficult access

Increase Productivity Through Less Downtime

Our single-point lubricators improve employee safety, increase machine reliability and optimize maintenance operations.