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Die & Part Spray Lube Systems

Reduce safety hazards, lower lube consumption and produce higher-quality parts with our custom spray solutions for structural, robotic, powertrain and recreational die-cast parts. Our flexible spray systems can accommodate both traditional and minimalistic die sprays in one system.

With LubriSource's die and part spray lube systems, you can optimize cycle times, reduce die lube consumption and produce better parts. By properly spraying with the right manifold, spray heads and nozzles, you can reduce cycle times and labor and produce consistent, usable parts. The consistency and repeatability provided by automatic spraying makes your production more efficient and improves your bottom line.

LubriSource systems ensure the proper volume of lubricant is applied to the target with minimal waste. Many spray system configurations are available—ranging from simple automated systems that replace manual or roller/brush systems to more sophisticated systems that are suitable for use with multiple parts. System options include a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic nozzles, spray headers, coil lubricators, controllers and more.

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