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Ultra Clean Vacuum Oil Sampling Bottles

LubriSource is proud to offer simple-to-use oil sample bottles. These Ultra Clean Vacuum Draw (UCVD) sample bottles make it possible to get a clean, contaminant-free oil sample every time. The UCVD sampling kit was created to avoid the most common mistakes that occur during the oil sampling procedure.

UCVD Oil Sample Bottles

IMG_1377With oil analysis, good results depend on good sample collection procedures. In fact, independent surveys claim that sampling procedures are responsible for more than 70% of errors in oil analysis.

Learn More About the UCVD Bottle Oil Sampler: 

Read: "Industrial Oil Analysis Innovation Reduces Cross-Contamination During Sampling" and potentially Receive A Free Oil Test from LubriSource. 

Vacuum Clean Oil Test Samples

Of all the links in the oil sampling chain getting uncontaminated oil testing results is the most critical step, UCVD Oil Sampling bottles not only accommodate these imperative criteria for clean and accurate oil testing methods, but they are also cost-effective and easy to use! 

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