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Dual-Line Lube Systems

Dual-line lubrication systems can be used on large systems with dispersed lubrication points that require varying lubrication quantities. These systems utilize two main lines that are supplied alternately with lubricant from a high-pressure pump via a change-over valve at up to 5800 psi. Branch lines are connected with dual-line metering devices to supply a large volume of lubricant to the lubrication points.

Dual-line systems:

  • Have robust designs that are easy to extend or reduce
  • Deliver reliable, precise, metered amounts of lubricant to up to 2,000 lubrication points over distances up to 300 feet
  • Are perfect for a variety of applications, such as heavy industry, steel mills, pulp and paper production, mineral processing, power plants, cement factories, steelworks and more
  • Are effective in harsh conditions, including potentially high lubrication-point back pressure, dirty, wet or humid environments

Maximize Equipment Uptime and Reliability

Our dual-line lubrication systems are reliable and work well under demanding conditions.