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LubriSource is an authorizPerma Single Point Lubricatorsed distributor for perma

Single Point Lubricators by perma provide stable and continuous lubrication avoiding over and under lubrication that occurs with manual lube application.

perma Replacement Parts

LubriSource provides perma replacement catridges and parts. Our customer service keeps our clients systems running continuously providing the right parts at the right time.

Retrofitting or Upgrading your Lubrication System

LubriSource is intimately familiar with single point lubrication and automated lubrication systems. Whether you are updating, upgrading, retrofitting, or installing a custom lubrication system LubriSource has the parts, suppliers, and industry expertise to ensure that your automated lubrication system is the most efficient, effective, and worry free as possible to keep your facility running.

The Benefits of perma Single Point Lubrication:

perma helps to prevent up to 55% of roller bearing failures

  • Reduction of energy cost
  • Significantly less workplace hazards
  • Reduction of lubricant demand due to optimal lubricant quantity for each lubrication point
  • Closed systems – lubricant cannot escape into the environment 
  • Environmentally friendly materials for simple, unproblematic and clean disposal

LubriSource technicians can develop a customized lubrication program specific to your needs that can help increase equipment uptime while saving costs. Contact one of our lubrication specialists to learn more.

Find the Right Solution for Your Business