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Grease Guns

    Durability and reliability are key components of every grease gun we sell, from dependable pneumatic and electric grease guns to innovative cordless grease guns to high-quality, high-pressure grease guns. That’s why we can confidently say our grease guns are guaranteed to perform strong and stay strong.

    Whether you need a grease gun to make your facility’s lubrication practices more effective, or you need to be able to service equipment in the field, you can count on LubriSource to supply every grease gun you require. LubriSource partners with preeminent grease gun manufacturers who offer the widest selection of grease guns on the market.

    • Hand Grease Guns: Time-tested and reliable, manual grease guns are built with a lever or pistol style design and designed to stand up rigorously to tough treatment.
    • Electric Grease Guns: Lightweight and quiet, electric grease guns can be used to lubricate large or small equipment.
    • Battery-Operated Grease Guns: Durable cordless grease guns are perfect when you need more pressure in hard-to-reach places.
    • Pneumatic Grease Guns: Air-operated grease guns provide comfort and uninterrupted grease flow using compressed air to move the grease through hoses.
    • High-Pressure Grease Guns: For use during heavy duty applications, high-pressure grease guns develop up to 15,000 psi pressure.
    • Specialty Grease Guns: Whatever you need, we can find the perfect grease gun to fulfill your unique requirements for specialty applications.


    We also sell grease gun accessories to bring comfort and additional functionalities to any grease gun you choose. Contact a knowledgeable LubriSource technician to get started working with superior equipment and service today.


    Improve Your Plant’s Overall Efficiency

    LubriSource provides products that reduce the risk of wear and equipment failure.