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  • Developing and maintaining centralized automatic lubrication systems.
  • Proven ways to increase equipment reliability, implement cost savings, and boost plant productivity.
  • The ins and outs of effective industrial preventative maintenance strategies and successful lubrication programs.

How did Steve Cartwright get all the answers?

Steve Cartwright has been providing solutions in engineering centralized automatic lubrication systems, fluid dispensing systems, and filtration products for over 35 years. Steve’s accomplishments in the industry have also 

been recognized by others. His writing on lubrication systems is cited in the International Journals of:

  • Signup-th.jpgAdvanced Materials Manufacturing and Characterization
  • Advanced Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology
  • Latest Research in Science, Engineering and Technology
  • Latest Trends in Engineering and Technology

LubriSource is fortunate to retain Steve, our original founder, as one of our in-house experts for all lubrication and industrial maintenance matters.

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