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OilSafe Lubrication Management

Whitmore OilSafe Lubrication Management equipment

LubriSource is a proud distributor of OilSafe Lubrication Management, the only reliable choice for smart, safe oil storage and transfer solutions. Our OilSafe products establish organization and best practices throughout your facility and workflow, eliminating risk and human error through a variety of applications:

  • Color coded equipment
  • Labeling and identification tools
  • Storage and handling equipment
  • Spill prevention surfaces and solutions
  • Grease fitting tools
  • High control grease guns

Each step is color-coded, organizing the process, simplifying maintenance, and extending the life of your machines. Keeping your business running.

Lubrication Management Equipment

Whitmore OilSafe Lubrication Management oil and grease equipmentOilSafe's innovative oil and grease equipment provides proven storage, transfer, and dispensing benefits, boosting best handling practices and excellent contamination control.

Including grease guns, sight glasses, fitting protectors, drums, sleeves, hoses, adapters, and more, our ergonomic and space efficient solutions maximize your equipment functionality, safety, and mobilization without breaking budget.

  • Prevent malfunctions
  • Prevent contamination or misapplication
  • Save on the cost of equipment failures
  • Ensure the right grease is applied to the right equipment
  • Organize, protect, and better control your equipment from damage and weather

OilSafe Identification System

Bring the best in organization and content identification to your facility with the OilSafe Identification System. Using color-coding along with customizable labels and industrial strength materials, this identification system matches your grease guns, grease cartridges and machinery in the workplace, ensuring the right grease is applied to the right equipment.

Our OilSafe identification products come in a range of color coded equipment, including:

  • Drum rings
  • Grease gun grips
  • ID washers and tabs
  • High strength magnetic labels
  • Label clamps
  • Pocket frames
  • Adhesive and pocket labels

Bulk Storage, Dispensing & Handling

Whitmore OilSafe Lubrication Organization Management equipment

Cost-effective and compact, our oil storage and dispensing systems conveniently combine proper storage, filtration and identification to keep your workflow efficient and organized.

  • Keep lubricants dry and contaminant-free before they enter your equipment
  • Filter and store oil
  • Protect lubricants from on-site environmental conditions
  • Save time and money

Spill Control

Increase safety and efficiency with our multi-purpose poly ramps, spill decks, and non-skid surfaces that make drum loading a snap. Designed for various spaces and room sizes, this equipment is perfect for optimizing space while providing safe walk-ups and traction loading

  • Polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode
  • Large sump capacity catches incidental spills
  • Heavy-duty removable structural foam grates for easy cleaning
  • Rolled-edge design helps resist cracking and warping
  • Big performance at a great price


Our technicians can develop a customized lubrication program specific to your needs that can help increase equipment uptime while saving costs. Contact one of our lubrication specialists to learn more about how you benefit when LubriSource brings the added power of Lincoln lubrication products to your facility.

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